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Blog – America’s Best Campground

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Past and Current Freelance Clients:
Texas Advertising/AGS Blogs, press releases, social media, web (RV industry)
Home Improvement Leads – Articles (home decor, eco-friendly, solar energy)
Kid’s Chicc Store – Social, web, blogs and item descriptions
D Custom Content Marketing – Blogs on marketing strategy

How to Hire Dani:
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Creative Writing


Come Find Me — Clever Girl Magazine, Issue 3
Romance – Luther is stuck in a rut, and Rainey seems to be the only one who can break it.

Blood on the Bayou — Typehouse Literary Magazine 2014
Fantasy/Paranormal – A young woman comes to live with her grandmother on the Louisiana bayou, and discovers a Cajun legend isn’t just a legend, and Gigi might not be as crazy as she seems.

White T-Shirts in the Rain — Eskimopie 2014
Non-Fiction – A humorous account of an approach to dating gone wrong.

The Year of Sixteen — Forever Onward! Review
YA Fantasty/Paranormal – When a girl gets her Death Card on her 16th birthday, she struggles with telling the boy she loves that she’s going to die.


Hugs — The Magill Review, July 2014 (Magazine no longer running)
Minesweeping — The Magill Review, Aug. 2014
Cleaning the Attic — The Magill Review, Aug. 2014
Untitled for the Time BeingEskimopie, Sep. 2014
Regenesis — The Magill Review, Sep. 2014
Restless Strong Verse, Oct. 2014